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10 rooms in modern and high-tech styles

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Furnishing of home office depends on the desires and the nature of the home owner. You can create any style with furniture and decor. When elegant ladies often prefer feminine modern style men would choose brutal hi-tech.

Today we have been watching a variety of interior genres and styles. Some people want to be surrounded by classic, other choose traditional ethnics, extraordinary persons pick shocking pop art. Designers can create anything you want, from historical classics to neo-Futura.

Of course we can’t speak about the purity of style here. To copy the modernist style interiors of great artists and designers is a complicated and extremely expensive task. But creating something based on these themes and styles including modern, Empire, Art Deco, and even high-tech is possible. Popular today eclectic style includes a variety of stylistic elements and quotes.

Thus, using of glass and metal in interior speaks about the impact of high-tech. When we see the rounded forms in architecture and furniture and floral motifs used there, we understand that the authors were inspired by the beauty of Art Nouveau. The interior of home office continues the overall house design.

If the apartment is designed in hi-tech style, then the home office should have the same character. Here a desktop of metal and glass will fit in perfectly as well as a comfortable ergonomic chair in office style. The other “must” of the cabinet are wall shelves for books and miscellaneous. It should be also made of metal. High-tech furniture and decor should be painted in cool gray monochrome. High-tech style does not accept textiles. Blinds or gray organza are commonly used as window treatments.

Art Nouveau home office is a different thing. There you should use beautiful natural wood. Wooden furniture in rounded forms and flowers ornaments are used. Printed plant can decorate the curtains, carpets and furniture upholstery. Even lamps can imitate stems, leaves and buds. Art Nouveau style can use multicolored stained glass in a home office. It can artistically arrange an opening in the wall. The best decor here will be natural flowers – irises, lilies and orchids, which have always been associated with this aesthetic style.

The variants of home offices in modern and high-tech styles are represented in our photo collection.

This spacious room is decorated in a contemporary and high-tech styles (metal racks). The polished metal table with rounded countertop is designed in neo-modernist style.

High-tech style with bright pop art are combined in this home office design

Home office with wooden furniture is separated from the living space by hi-tech transparent glass partitions

Modern Art Deco uses high-tech style very often. Dark wood shelves with metal high-tech ladders look very organically.

Modern style creates various stylistic associations. Unusual office ceiling reminds us about Art Nouveau style

Rounded corners of walls, ceiling, furniture, and office capsule space resemble Art Nouveau shapes

Office is decorated in the bourgeois expensive eclectic style. You can see there Art Deco touch, ethnic and high-tech elements.

Desk with glass top and a variety of lamps made of chrome-plated metal add hi-tech style to your modern interior style

Many contemporary styles are combined in this home office – you will recognize minimalist style, deconstruction, pop art and even high-tech.

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