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10 walk-in and reach-in closets

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Comfortable storage system and good illumination are the main features of a walk-in closet. You can add some furniture units and mirrors there if the closet area allows it.

Walk-in closet design depends on its area, home style interior and the home owner’s wishes. The bigger the closet area – the more variants to design your closet you have.

If you work in a spacious dressing room you may install there a cozy furniture set and a coffee table. All closets and racks should feature doors. In this case you can use the dressing room as a mini living room.

Small dressing room can’t offer the same comforts, thus you can arrange an open storage there installing a rack system in it . Then all clothing units become a part of interior decor. This room looks very stylish. You can choose an outfit there using built-in or free standing mirrors installed in the same mini walk-in closet.

Illumination in a closet play an important role. You can install built-in light fixtures there or adorn your dressing room composition with a floor lamp.

The dressing room decor should better match the home interior design. If your home has a minimalist style interior, the closet should also have a laconic design. Classic home interior design dictates the same dressing room decor. use stylish windows drapes, luxurious framed mirrors, crystal chandeliers, hand paintings on the walls.


This dressing room is furnished in modern classics and Art Deco styles. The buit-in furniture and cabinets are decorated in black and white. The internal surfaces of racks are in a bright orange color. This combination looks very impressive.


This spacious dressing room has got a storage system around the closet perimeter. The interior includes closed chests of drawers and open bars for hangers. Polished wood and chrome-plated metal look very stylish.

This small dressing room is convenient and comfortable. The open racks and shelving in pastel tones, parquet floor and beautifully shaped arm-chair tell us about the good taste of a home owner.

The large storage system takes the whole perimeter of a spacious dressing room. The floor mirror can be easily moved to any place. A stylish white chair located on the Asian rug adds comfort to the room.

This off-white shades dressing room has a perfect bright illumination. The walls of this walk-in closet are equipped with a comfortable storages system featuring opened and closed racks. The large mirror installed deep inside the closet creates an original illusion of a very deep space.

This dressing room has got a system of built-in wooden closets painted in cream color. Three-level racks are placed around the walls perimeter. they feature chests and open rooms with hangers for clothing. The racks have got a spacious mezzanine for boxes.

This large walk-in closet looks like a fashionable boutique. Its interior is a beautiful mixture of modern classics, Art Deco and glamour. It is richly decorated with mirrors and crystal units. Bright women shoes look very bold and fancy in this impressive white-and-black composition.


This spacious dressing room has large open wooden racks, big wall mirrors and a milti-level wood floor.

The walk-in closet has got gorgeous white classic style pieces of furniture. The beautiful chair in Art Deco style is perfectly included into the composition of open racks and closets.

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