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11 ideas for a dressing room

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Dressing room is not only a separate storage system. If the area allows it, you can create a beautiful room there . You can use the room as a mini living room or a boudoir.

Dressing rooms are very helpful. Even if your home tiny, it is convenient to create a small dressing room there. So that you will get rid of extra cabinets in living room and in bedroom and save much space in your home.

Besides, it is very comfortable when all home stuff including footwear, headwear, clothing and apparel are placed in one room. The main thing here is to organize a right system of storage.

Today fabrics manufacture open and close racks, bars with hanges for dresses, coats and jackets. Room walls can be also equipped with these storage racks.

A dressing room chair or ottoman can be placed in this room – it is very convenient. And it is absolutely necessary to find a place for a large floor mirror.

Decorating your dressing room, be modest. Open racks with bright clothing and footwear are look so impressive, that another decor will be something extra.

However, if your walk-in closet is so large that even after you fill it with your clothing, empty walls remain, decorate the space with photos or paintings or use some original decision here. Display a collection of men’s neckties, for example.

The dressing room ideas are presented in our photo gallery here.

A small dressing room is located between the dorm and bathroom. Passage room is equipped with two-level open hangers, a mirror and ceiling light fixtures.

This spacious dressing room is equipped with open shelves, large wall mirror and a multi-level floor. Storages and flooring are made of wood.

This rectangular dressing room is decorated in hi-tech style. All the racks are made of metal and plastic. Blue-black walls and ceiling make a nice background.

The modern walk-in closet has got many open and closed wall racks and light shade lamps on the ceiling. One of the room’s walls is a mirror, making an illusion the room is twice longer.

The small dressing room is placed at the top of the attic maisonette. The project offers a minimalist decision – open shelves for footwear.

Dressing room and bedroom are separated with mobile glass partitions. All the walls are equipped with open shelves and drawers.The room is convenient and functional.

This dressing room is decorated in Art Deco style. The room looks more like a trendy lounge with a sculpture than a dressing room. The entire storage system is hidden behind panels of frosted glass. The walls are decorated with ornamental wallpaper. Wooden crocodile of a base is lit with an Art Deco chandelier.

This dressing room is converted into a luxurious ladies’ boudoir. White cabinet with metal finish, elegant dressing table elegant, classic crystal sconces against the white marble with gray streaks wall looks spectacular. Burgundy curtains and Medallion chair with purple upholstery look royal in this Kingdom of White.

A spacious dressing room, equipped with furniture and original light fixtures is used as an additional living room. All storage system is hidden here in wardrobe with frosted glass sliding panels.

This walk-in closet is located in an unusual room, under a spiral staircase leading to the upper floor. Public area required a special approach. Tall wardrobs are placed near the walls. The chest with pouf reminding a kitchen island is placed in the centre the room.

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