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Nursery for baby should be warm and safe. And the style depends on the taste of the parents. For newborn girls, interior light in pink tones still remains to be preferable.

Let’s start with the fact that a newborn child is not an obligatory to have a separate room. Usually, in the first months the baby settles in the bedroom of the parents, especially at night, it was there and it was convenient to care of it here. But, if after all, parents want to teach their offspring what independence is, then a separate children’s room should be furnished according to the canons of convenience and security. Firstly, children’s room needs to be equipped with special control system, the best thing invented today is the so – called “baby monitor”, a device that will help to monitor the child while you are in another room and to be aware of his health condition. Secondly, the room for an infant must meet all quality requirements. It should be spacious and bright, so large windows are appreciated here not only to illuminate the room, but to provide an opportunity of quick airing. In addition, the room should be warm, have decent sound insulation and the ability to control humidity. Choosing finishes, it is the best idea to give preference to natural materials. For example, walls should be decorated with a wallpaper and floor with wood or cork coating, which are warm and quiet. Very important in the design of the baby room is to try to avoid things and finishes accumulating dust. Less use of rugs and carpets, heavy pile of curtains and draperies. So the carpet in the room of newborns is not welcomed. As for the style and interior colors, the choice is up to the parents. However, there are some tips here. Child psychologists together with designers recommend making a room for baby light and calm as much as possible. And I do not advise to be fond of bright colors and active decor. A very good option is to keep the interior in light, pastel colors.

Room for baby is decorated in a modern style and trendy colors. On the walls you can find ornamental wallpaper in white, pink and green colors, when a mirrored closet is decorated with white patterns.

The interior of the nursery is maintained in positive yellow-green spectrum. This coloring is very good light wood furniture.

The blue and white colors for nursery room make it bright and spatially, and stylish wall painting adds poetry to the interior.

The interior of the room for the newborn is decorated in a classic style and soft pale peach tones.

The interior of the nursery looks very photogenic. On the background of impressive sky-blue walls light wood furniture, bright toys and accessories look harmonizing.

For the room of newborn twins designers have created the interior in the style of modern classics in the soft warmth of the monochrome, but the important thing here is a symmetrical composition: the center of the room is a rose carpet.

The space looks spectacular with oval bed-cradle of wooden slats with a white canopy.

Room for baby is stylish and artistic. On the walls – white wallpaper with patterns under a child’s drawing, and the floor is decorated with a geometric carpet.

Designers have painted one of the walls of the nursery for the newborn in bright yellow. It looks like a stage curtain for a fabulous performance.

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  1. Justin

    August 20, 2015 at 1:51 am

    If the rest of the place is anything near this….I can live there for sure!!!!! I am alctauly ready right now to jump into that bed…just have to figure out how to fo it :)))))I m full of fever and so ready to lie down,but first I am eating and blogging a little bit,and this was such an enjoyable visit!Out of a fairytale:))Tove:)

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