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12 English living rooms

Living Room

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Ornamental wallpaper, upholstered furniture with floral upholstery, Oriental rugs and traditional porcelain are suitable for the arrangement of English living room.

The concept of “English lounge” is very vague, this image has been evolved over the centuries and it comes from Victorian England, when the interiors of English homes started to be decorated in the eclectic style. This style is called Victorian classics. Today it is still in vogue, although it has undergone many revisions. But despite all the editions some things remain inviolable and they are the basis of the English style. First, it is the love of Englishmen for floral and ornamental wallpaper that is quite warmed up by the famous William Morris, author of many floral decors for wallpapers and fabrics. Secondly, it is the abundance of upholstered furniture. A small two-storey houses and apartments of Englishmen are filled with couches and armchairs, which are located anywhere: in the office, the library, but mostly in the living room with a fireplace. Thirdly, the British are passionate lovers of gardens and parks, love flowers, which they decorate their interiors with in large quantities, along with ornaments in the form of cells and strips. So floral, striped and plaid wallpaper, upholstery and curtains have become an integral feature of English living room. And, finally, it is accessories and art. As you know, former Empires have always enjoyed the luxury of colonial goods. Britain is not an exception. Oriental silk embroidery is always appreciated, but luxurious carpets especially. Still, the British prefer to have a nice Indian rug in the living room, soft and cozy. And yet, educated Englishmen have always been passionate collectors, collecting different beauty: Japanese pottery, Chinese porcelain, as well as painting and drawing. All these collections are exhibited for viewing and decorating of the interior of the living room. Storage cupboards and shelves have become showcases of the exotic East, and the walls were tightly equipped by series of paintings and graphic sheets with scenes of hunting and horse racing – the most favorite entertainment of the English gentleman.


For the living room in the English spirit leather sofas, tables and chests of mahogany and decorated with hunting trophies always fit, even in the form of an art object (sculpted head of a deer).

Sofa with lots of pillows, dark wood furniture and finishes, soft cozy light – English classic!

Sofa group on an expensive Oriental carpet against a backdrop of lush window draperies.

Dark green walls and beamed ceiling in the same color.

Living in a country house decorated in the spirit of Russian and English traditions, of course, fashionably styled.

Traditional English interior is a set of upholstered furniture, Oriental rug is next to the fireplace.

The British love eccentric bright and rhythmic upholstery and curtains.

This split-level living room has English spirit. Ceiling beams are painted in a dark color, sofas are covered with dark quilted leather, ornamental carpets and, of course, the blazing fireplace.

Curtains and upholstery in solid and multi-colored cage – a favorite motif of a traditional English living.

Tradition combines the living room (sofas) with library (bookcases and shelves).

English style living room in unusual textiles.

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