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Knowledge serves man as a support in a difficult situation. According to this wise and truthful fact, a lot of modern designers create pieces of art that target on holding and supporting the major object of knowledge that saves and spread the information in the most pleasant form, more concretely – for books. At the same time, the designers’ ideas are embodied in the most elegant and esthetic way. Custom and unusual tools will not let books to fall down or deform, the stands are very comfortable and created to highlight the most valued publications among the others.

As an example, a famous brand Coordi has created an effective and chic element of home decor for nature lovers – bookends “Tree” and “Deer”.

Unique bookend that is practically based on a 3D representation of the human head from designer Karim Rashid. His masterpiece leads to philosophical reflections and clearly shows that ideas are wandering in the brain of the host.

A bookend from Fossil petrified wood created by the british Tom Dixon, who has been awarded as a designer of the year at a well known Paris exhibition Maison & Objet.

Designers of Tech Tools have created a useful assistant from a combination of plastic and concrete materials. Pair of artificial hands is ideal to hold books on a desktop or shelf.

Designers from Monkey Business have created the original bookends – Arrow Bookends. Arrows floating in zero gravity visually releases the space on the shelf.

The beginning and the end of “arrow” will help you fix the books and to surprise your guests with originality. Bookends Arrow are created by the specialists of the design Bureau Mustard that turns the standard things in original items at affordable prices.

Simulate “harakiri” to your textbooks, registering the book with the sword of ninja Katana Mustard.

A couple of ninja can help you to struggle with the disorder. Bookends Stickmen Mustard will keep your books tightly.

Dogs from the Studio Hickory Manor House are made of natural resin and are lovely painted by hand, and are committed to protect your knowledge from encroachment.

Stand Kikkerland consists of two parts, depicting the wall and leaned against it, women and men. The impression is that men rely on books.

The bookends from the brand Doiy symbolize the process of evolution. The more you read the further you develop.

Unusual bookends creators from Knob Creek Metal Arts have created a beautiful bookends, the selection is diverse – from centaurs to robots.

Books themselves perfectly adorn any interior, especially when designers make witty and fanciful design for them.

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