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Contemporary bathroom must meet all the requirements of convenience and beauty. High quality plumbing will provide the best comfort, and ceramic tiles, glass and natural stone will make the room beautiful.

Today the quality of life is higher than it was years ago, thus we demand more comfort and elegance from our bathroom.

The bathroom design depends on many factors, and first of all, its space. A large room will let you installing there a bath tub, several sinks, toilet units. The owner of a tiny bathroom has to choose if he needs a shower or a bath tub more.

Today the market opportunities in terms of finishes, plumbing, lighting and accessories are so huge that they can meet any customer needs. A good quality finish is a real treasure.Natural wood floors, white marble, gray slate,colored mosaics, transparent and frosted glass, and other decor will help you to create any luxurious interior.

In rooms where empty space dominates finishes become important. Classic interiors use nice furniture and accessories. Therefore Baroque or Rococo interior designs are used in the bathrooms with claw foot bath tubs and sink vanities. Ethnic style lovers can decorate a bathroom in any tradition -from the Turkish hamam to the Roman baths using ornamental tiles and mosaics.

Most of home owners are not satisfied with high quality, but empty walls. Thus these walls are decorated with paintings, posters and photos. The floors are treated with soft rugs and furs.

The owner of a bathroom with a window is a happy person. Besides providing a natural ventilation the bathroom window adds a natural beautiful interior picture.

The examples of modern bathrooms are presented in our photo collection.

White and black tiles are used here. White tiles have become a background for an ironic and frivolous drawing.

Classic and Art Deco motifs are used in this bathroom interior. Leopard portrates decorate a part of the wall tiles.

The spacious bathroom have 2 widows. Due to a large vanity mirror it seems there are 4 windows in the room.

Expensive materials and trendy ornaments are used here. The table top is lined with black marble with white veins, and the walls are tiled with psychedelic 1970s prints.

This modern geometric monochrome interior is designed in brutal men’s style.

The bathroom has a warm colors design. Dark wood tile decorate the part of walls and floor surfaces.

This room is decorated in Art Deco, modern classic and glamor styles. White-and-black ornaments and glasses are used.

This room white, black, gray and red colors with gray dominance are used here. A large dandelions photo decorates the room.

Water elements paints are used here. The room floor and walls are finished with blue stone. Red details add brightness.

White and brown shades of natural wood and organic forms are used. The wall displays the picture of a foggy forest.

Blue and lilac light, bold shapes of bathroom plumbings look like modern sculpture art.

White-black and brown interior matches the mirror polish of natural finish and geometric shapes of toilet.

Contemporary style white and beige bathroom features the floor with sand and stones patterns.

Bold shaped bilateral toilet dominates in this bathroom interior . It is placed in the centre of a white and country house pink attic bathroom.

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