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The reception and the corridor could decorate the whole house. With the help of decor you can create neutral functional space or turn the hall into a cozy living room and a hallway into an art gallery.

First of all, you need to consider the decor from the point of view of functionality. For example, make the floor of tile or stone in the hallway area. And in the lobby you can apply more appropriate material – wooden flooring, decking plank or make a fashionable self-leveling floor. To the design of walls, too, should be approached practically and creatively. The most common and economical way is to paint the walls in a neutral color, preferably light colors to make the room look more dimensional. Go more creative and paint the walls in bright fashionable color, for example golden yellow. Yellow walls will give the impression of sunlight in a room with no windows that is very important. If hall has a large area and a square shape, there is quite possible to create a living chamber. You can paint walls in some nice color, or use ornamental wallpaper, but you can order original painting or original wall panels. It will make your hall a fashionable and memorable. And, of course, we should not forget about the accessories. A must-have accessory for the hall is mirror, which can be not one but several, not only on the wall but also on doors. And a beautiful wall clock will not interfere. Interesting options for decorating the hall and corridor are presented in our photo collection.

Large bright painting is suitable for decorating any room and corridor too.

A spacious hall decorated in the style of modern classics.

In the interiors of Kirill Istomin’s always a lot of refined decor. In the lobby of the white walls are decorated with small sized pictures with botanical drawings.

The hall is decorated in a trendy grey-silver tones.

The wall of the narrow corridor is designed with fashionable wallpaper and expanded the space with a large mirrored closet in the wall.

The corridor is used as an exhibition space.

A great idea is to arrange in the lobby, a small living room. Here is everything you need: soft velour sofa, a series of tables, large mirror, and textured brick wall decorated interior painting.

The corridor is turned into a trendy art space. The decor is very active: wall finishes with rhythmic hung with mirrors, and glass doors and walls covered with photo-prints with breathtaking city views.

In the interior of the hall combines modern and classic elements.

All the walls of the corridor lined with colored vertical stripes, and on top with blue and white painting hanging rhythmic symbols in red.

Hallway and lounge are decorated in the spirit of the lush classics.

Hall the hallway is decorated in a comfortable style of Provence. Restrained and stylish!

Spacious entrance hall is decorated in a trendy style mixed with modern classics.


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