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20 interiors for living room with stairs

Living Room

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In any architectural style, from modern to high-tech, the staircase plays an important role. It does not only connect the floors, but also makes the space rhythmic, dynamic and expressive.

Living room with stairs makes a signal that we are either in a duplex apartment or a country house. Although there are some exceptions. For example, sometimes open space possesses a high podium in large living rooms to highlight the area of the library or study and then there is a need in the short staircase. In short, the ladder is a necessary structural element that is used to connect different levels of housing. But not only this. A beautiful staircase can become a central element of the whole interior composition. Any staircase is an architectural piece that plays not only constructive, but also an aesthetic role. The ladder is attached to the interior’s rhythm, dynamics and espresso. And, as a rule, it becomes the most important element of interior design. Especially if it is located in a large open living room. Depending on the style of the interior the shape of the stairs can be very different. Interesting living rooms with stairs are in our photo collection.

A straight staircase leading to the second floor is seen from the open living room of a wooden country house.

A small staircase, decorated with fashionable material – textured plywood, connects the living room with library, located on the podium.

Semi-circular staircase connects the living area with the next floor and gives the interior a neo-modern style.

Modern styled home with elements of constructivism demands a special type of stairs: simple, single, super geometric!

Straight minimalist staircase with dark metal separates the living area from the kitchen area with the dining room.

Two floors of large open living room rustic house, combine a spectacular curved staircase with transparent balustrade.

Thanks to modern spiral staircase, the living room with designer furniture looks more graphic and impressive.

The most spectacular element of the open living room is an unusual staircase. It is made of colored plastic and metal. Such a view creates an impression of the green stage floating in the air!

Large living room of a country house is decorated in a modern style with retro elements.

Living in a neo-art deko takes the unusual decision of the stairs. It is fully decorated with a slatted balustrade that creates an unusual rhythmic surface.

White colored composition of the living room, decorated in a contemporary style, is complemented by an elegant staircase with a subtle graphic pattern balustrade.

Straight wooden staircase in a wooden country house – a classic of the genre.

Lightweight curved staircase makes a living room more elegant and varied.

The interior of the living room with colorful furniture and luxury chandelier is complemented by the unusual staircase of two flights.

Open living room and bedroom placed on the next floor are connected by wooden straight staircase without railings and banisters. That looks spectacular, but also dangerous!

Two flights of metal stairs make dynamic diagonals.

Grand staircase is the main decoration of a classic living room.

The ladder for the library does not only performs its primary function, but also makes it more rhythmic and diverse interior living room.

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