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Comfortable bedroom needs a a good-quality furnishing. Thus we go to boutiques and select luxury furniture – designer and classic beds, cabinets and chairs.

Spending money on expensive furniture is naturally as the sleeping room is the favorite place to rest and relax. Of course, bed is the main character in any dorm. Therefore, the choosing the proper bedding is the primary task.

Today popular furniture brands make luxury furniture for gorgeous apartments – from royal palaces to villas of pop stars. Classical style fans will love Italian and American brands. They like to provide the market with luxury beds made of rare wood with high headboards. Modern style fans have also a tremendous choice beds.

Italian Cappellini, Moroso, B & B Italia, the French Ligne Roset and Roshe Bobois, American Ralph Lauren and many others brands represent excellent designer beds. All these beddings are ergonomic, made of high quality materials, their have unique shape and bold colors. An air suspended bed looks like the unit hanging in the air.The bed frame attached to the wall, thus no bed legs are provided. Very often such beds feature backlights.

Another fashion feature is a a round bed. It requires a spacious bedroom, so you can make a round “trip”. Modern furniture brands deal today with these units. Round beds perfectly organize large spaces, and let you sitting and laying on the bed in any direction.

White bedroom interior with a white bed with a high back and a built-in lamp.

Spacious bedroom in modern classics and a full set of bedroom furniture. Silver and platinum effect upholstery is used.

Minimalist bed with ottoman with brown leather trim – great modern Zen style.

High headboard surrounded by vintage dark wood cabinets and striped wallpaper create Victorian classic look.

Wooden bed with rounded headboard, elegant bedside tables,in Neo-Empire create a cozy atmosphere.

Graceful forms of furniture with tufted leather against match gray-green wallpaper with floral patterns.

Symmetrical furniture composition with a bed in its center. It is flanked by tall cabinets and a pretty striped sofa.

Luxury modern classic: elegant white bed with lace ottoman surrounded by tall glass doors, filling a white bedroom with air and light.

Expensive furniture set: bed and pouf with leather trim, plus designer chair create a modern design.

Small bedroom in beige and golden tones and classical furniture of high quality.

Bedroom with a light bay window decorated in warm beige monochrome and furnished with Neo Art Deco set

Large bed with a tall headboard, side tables with spectacular lamps, elegant ottoman. Neo classic and Art Deco are still relevant.

Snow-white furniture with a black outline.

In the classic white bedroom furniture, all snow-white, but with a spectacular black outline.

Designer floating in the air bed, and elegant armchair in Chinese spirit

Classic white furniture with curly golden details create a stylish atmosphere of a spacious bedroom with an alcove.

Queen bed with rounded headboard from light leather and stylish console create a luxurious Art Deco atmosphere.

The high headboard, decorated as gilded diamond rust, looks as a fashionable decorative pane. Silver wallpaper and golden framed doors are the background.

Bed with a curved headboard and chairs and table lamps in neo-baroque style create a color harmony, combining gold with a blue and purple.

Luxurious bed with tufted headboard and canopy surrounded by a white-gold classic decor looks royal.

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