21 examples of decor and design for the windows in the bedroom


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Decor and design of the windows in the bedroom should be approached seriously. A choice of style solutions for windows design is a choice of style of the whole bedroom interior.

The decor of the bedroom window has a style-creating value. The windows play a major role in the house. The house without windows is a prison! As for the bedrooms, how good and comfortable you will sleep at night and wake up in the morning depends on the decoration of windows. However, the bedroom’s decorations vary incredibly. Blinds and Roman blinds will look ideal in the men’s bedroom. Girlish bedroom looks very elegant with textiles. The window in the children’s bedroom can be decorated brightly and funny, with no limits for color and material. Family bedroom would be appropriate with soft shades and classic draperies. By the way, we should not forget about the windowsill, it can play a great role in the decoration of windows. Broad and massive one, for example, can be used as an additional working space. Of course, the design of the window in the bedroom depends on the overall style of the interior. But, I must say that the design of the window in the bedroom is often the beginning of a stylistic decision. And yet, professionals are advised to follow certain rules when placing the window in the bedroom. If the bedroom, for example, has low ceilings, use transparent curtains with a vertical pattern. Cool shades will enhance your bedroom. Neutral will help you to relax. The choice is great. The choice is yours.

Windows in the floor require light and transparent curtains.

The blackout is also an option!

Scarlet Roman shade will make the bedroom fun, even in a gloomy morning.

Purple and lilac are very sexy!

Another version of the scarlet curtains that will make a gloomy morning joyful !

Bright colored curtains in the bedroom for creative natures.

Double curtains are appropriated in the bedroom – transparent and dense.

Another version of the double curtains. Classic!

Numerous shades of gray will be relevant to any bedroom.

Restraint and lightness – classic style…

And you can use double and triple blinds.

The cool palette of white bedrooms and indigo curtains make this room very dead.

Black silk curtain on the semi-circle window is very impressive!

And don’t forget about the curtains with lambrequins.

Orange curtains are in fashion nowadays.

Gray goes well with red.

Huge window in the master bedroom sets the tone for the light scenario.

The bay window in the bedroom needs a serious textile composition.

The unity of style and graphics in textiles curtains and bedspreads is a good move!

This is the case when a wide windowsill has additional features. In this case, flowers are traditional…

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