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Bathroom and shower rooms interior designs are the same important as living rooms and bedrooms design. Bathroom decoration is very important. Bathroom design depends on many factors.

First of all, its square. If your bathroom is spacious enough and your money let doing it combine in one room everything which can make your happy. The owners of a small bathroom have to choose what they need more – a bath tub or a shower stall.

Bathroom wall finishing is very important . Besides its sturdiness and water resistance, wall tiles should be nice and beautiful.

Finally, work at the style and decor of your bathroom. A minimalist style loft may have a spacious bathroom in a monochrome design. A claw bath tub will fit a classic style home.

You can make a colored bathroom in a monochrome interior design. Just imagine – white loft and royal blue bathroom! Such a unique decision can become a real surprise for your guests.

This modern interior design has got a warm beige and brown shades.

The spacious bathroom is decorated with light beige tiles. Round shape sink and toilet, creating a contrast with the rectangular tub have become the main intrigue of this design.

This spacious bathroom is designed in modern style and gray-and-white color. It features deconstruction elements.

Bright colors and trendy designes are used here. The countertop and a part of the wall are yellow.

A claw foot bath tub, decorative tile, mosaic decor – everything tells us about the home owners. They love English classics.

This country house bathroom is originally planned. The small partition makes a sink area. The large window opens the view to a pine forest.

Dark brown and black walls, gray floors, frosted glass, dim lights and bright lightsof a snow-white toilet have become an excellent decorative decision.

Bathroom interior is built on the contrast of white walls and red-brown wooden floor.

This spacious bathroom is decorated in a trendy gray-brown color.

The unusual layout, white walls, lined with brown stripes, the ceiling with the effect of black mirror make this interior looking very avant-garde.

This bathroom has British classic design – brickwork walls, wooden floors, retro plumbing , striped rugs and a variety of multi-format paintings on the white walls

Quality equipment, natural materials and trendy white-and-black design are used here.

Bathroom interior is built on the contrast of extended contours geometry and white-beige-blue palette.

A small bathroom is artistically decorated with a boiserie wall, ornamental glass and color lithography.

White top – black bottom is the main idea of this design.

All the walls are decorated with lush mosaic patterns. Wooden furniture in retro style looks great here.

Open space and lots of light are the advantages of this bathroom. A large mirror expands the space and create the illusion that the room has 4 windows instead of 2.

Original ornamental tiles with fine mesh patterns have become the background for white plumbing bathroom fixtures.

Cole & Son wallpaper with beautiful trees decorate the white bathroom interior.

Industrial style loft bathroom has brick walls and metal decor details.

This fashionable gray-silver bathroom walls and floor are decorated with mosaics.

With the help of interior finishes bathrooms designed in a fashionable black and white. Light walls and floor tile and dark wood furniture create this contrast.

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