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24 living rooms with beautiful sofas

Living Room

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The sofa is the most important element of the living room. Generally sofas are selected according to the style of the interior. But you can play on contrasts and bring individuality to the interior.

The history of the sofa stretches back into antiquity, at first in the Eastern antiquity, and then in the ancient. The largest contribution was made by the French. They, starting from the XVII century, imagining the huge number of forms and finishes, upholstered furniture. Thanks to them, loungers, benches with backrest “Recamier”, couches “tet-a-tet”, the confidant and the love seat appeared. The contribution of the British was much more modest, but not less interesting. Sofa “Chester” is still popular among couch potatoes in all continents. The twentieth century has contributed to the history of the sofa masterpieces of modernism. Today selection of sofas is incredibly large and diverse. No coincidence that the sofas are a favorite theme of modern designers. Young Dutch people like to joke on this subject and come up with incredible shape and upholstery. Conservative British continue to turn your favorite Victorian classics to fashionable upholstery with large ornaments and flowers.

Of course, the sofa is not just a piece of upholstered furniture for a comfortable stay. It performs an important compositional feature in the interior. Initially sofas, as a rule, were arranged along the walls. Even today, in a small room, the sofas are placed there. Everything changes in a spacious living room, where it is necessary to organize the space and create functional areas. Interesting versions of the sofas in the interiors of living rooms can be found in our photo collections.

Modular sofa convertible blue leather organized zone of relaxation in the living room.

Beautiful sofa with quilted backrest and patterned upholstery located along the wall.

Great idea is to place the sofa on the background of the mirror panels.

Large leather sofa is the main character of spacious minimalist living room.

Designer’s sofa with backrest-cushion and stripe pattern.

Top view of white modular sofa is especially spectacular!

Sofa, turned back from the window, is a great place for reading.

Low sofa, as if made from soft cubes, is perfectly combined with the same rotary stool and a designer chair.

Long sofa marks the boundary of the functional areas of public space: open kitchen and living room.

The round shape leather sofa.

Spacious living room demanded not one but two couches.

Long l-shaped sofa is located on the border of an open kitchen and both dining room and living room.

How cool it is when beautiful Marilyn looks above the chic sofa.

Blue sofa with attached puff.

Pop art is alive and looks fine.

Turquoise sofa, surrounded by a pair of lamps.

Soft quilted sofa with high backrest separates the kitchen area from the living room.

Perfectly shaped sofa with soft quilted upholstery is a modern variant of art Nouveau!

Sofa group is presented against the background of large, beautifully draped windows.

A pair of soft sofas.

Pair shaped sofas in the spirit of neo-Rococo.

Sofa group of upholstered furniture.

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