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7 home offices in loft style

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Loft style is perfect for home office when the room has good space and large windows. Masonry or its imitation, as well as open wiring and industrial lamps are welcomed as suitable decorations.

Speaking of the loft, we must remember that it is based on aesthetics of industrial factory buildings, adapted to the living. Therefore, its main features are in the free organization, big windows, and simple materials like brick, concrete, rough plaster, plywood. In addition to textured finishing materials open constructions and communications are welcome here: ceiling beams and rafters, pipes and wiring. All these features are associated with the aesthetics of industrial urbanism. Today it is not necessary to withstand all of the elements of style, you can just use some of them. But the main features that worth preserving are open space and large windows. Everything else: brick walls, concrete floors, an open transaction and industrial light can either be omitted or used as decorative elements. Rooms in the loft are usually located in a large open space that combines the living spaces: living room, kitchen-dining room and even bedroom and sometimes children’s room. A study in this open space should be close to the window to maximize the natural light required for the work and reading. And thus it is necessary to equip the workplace with the correct lamp. It is great to have an industrial form. Books and papers are perfect to be put into an open rack. Wall shelving can be supplemented by an open transverse rack that will serve as an addition to the storage system and partition, functional zone part of the loft. For example, it can conventionally separate the cabinet from the living room or bedroom. This rack-partition helps to create a cozy private area where you can focus and effectively learn and work. Such zoning is very important for dwelling in the loft style.

Spacious study has a number of features of the loft. It is great space, tall windows, white brick walls and industrial lamps.

A spacious office has two large windows. Open space combines a working area with lounge place with a bright red sofa.

The walls are decorated with trim under the red brick with white seams. The rhythmic pattern wall finish is supported with outdoor Oriental rug, repeating patterns and color scheme of the walls.

Here we can see white stone walls, beamed ceilings, large space, and panoramic windows.

In the interior of the home office combines the features of an industrial loft and fashionable glam. An example of this is the mirror with lush Baroque frame against a brick wall.

The cabinet is located under the gable roof of a country house. It has got good space and is illuminated by a series of windows. The main interior color is red-brown. This range is formed due to natural materials: red brick walls, wooden floors and beamed ceilings, and made of bright butternut.

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