7 large bedroom interiors


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Large bedroom main advantage is its volume. Healthy sleep and the same great awakening become possible when there is enough air in the room. A spacious bedroom assumes ceilings of the large height and big and tall windows. Walls in dorms are also very important. Walls in the Master bedroom can be painted in neutral shades, light colors or contrasting, more saturated tones – as you like. The last variant may be used by bold, extraordinary persons. Professionals recommend to choose all shades of cool colors for the walls – blue, lilac, purple, green, gray. Working at your bedroom interior choose the stuff which is made of soundproof materials. Picking up the material which will be used to cover the dorm walls, use traditional wallpaper or upholster the walls with flannel or cotton . Rugs and carpets in a sleeping room will add this room more homey look and comfy feeling. The perfect variant of your dorm flooring is wooden floors. They are pricey, but these floors will last for a very long time. You can choose any type of wood – pine, beech, oak, larch and others. Working at a bedroom ceiling project you can stop at any classic variant or choose a multilevel, hanging construction. Very often bedroom light fixtures and mounted in these ceilings. And the main sleeping room character is the bed. The bigger the bedroom, the wider is your bed. Wide bedding which is soft and very comfortable is a dream of each one.

Silk or wool carpet in the bedroom is a good choice!

The predominance of scarlet is for passionate persons.

There is something from hospital in this absolute whiteness

Black-and-white version of a bedroom is always good!

Wood, open beamed ceiling, in a real chalet style. Sleeping here will be sweet.

Large bedroom requires various sourses of light

Ceiling and flooring are in harmony in this bedroom

Colored accents – this is the way to refresh your dorm interior

Large Master bedroom can be even glossy

Sleeping room needs a mirror. Large mirror in this bedroom – is also an option

Burgundy color in the bedroom is not only stylish, but also traditional

Peaceful, the rural version of the bedroom is good for a country house

Large bedroom can be divided into areas

A classic theme – a snow-white sleeping room

Modern classical style will ideally fit a huge bedroom

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