8 designer’s ideas of fireplaces for apartments


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To sit by the open fire when it is cold outside, would probably enjoy everybody. Alas, most modern homes are not entirely adapted to be furnished by wood-burning fireplace. However, do not despair, because thanks to modern fireplaces absolutely everyone can enjoy the burning flame. Especially when rich imagination of designers and manufacturers is connected to the case.

Bio fireplace is an open burner that does not require installation of the chimney, since the combustion does not produce dangerous amounts of toxic substances. The power comes from denatured alcohol, which is a modern renewable energy source.

Denatured ethanol contains only organic ingredients and produces cleaner emissions: water vapor, heat and carbon dioxide in safe quantities. The duration of maintaining the flame depends on the amount of fuel.

We have made a selection of designer fireplaces which are sure to be a highlight of apartment interior, home, restaurant or office. They do not require technical staff or the approval of the relevant administrative authorities.

Bio fireplace Axis from the same author is equipped with a rectangular burner 1.6 l unit 1 l of butanol. Massive carved wooden pattern is connected to the source of fire and a functional shelf.

Bio fireplace Duet from designer Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri is equipped by round burner of 0.27 l, and additional accessories, for 1 l of butanol. If the flame is not used, you can cover it with stainless steel lid and turn it into a coffee table.

Fireplaces Klino from designer Alessandro Canepa are equipped with a rectangular nozzle 1.6 l unit 1 l of butanol. The surfaces of materials are tilted, thereby creating a rhythmic elegance, however, being able to envelop you with warmth.

Bio fireplace A4 from the aforementioned masters is equipped by round burner 0.72 l, and additional accessories, for 1 l of butanol. Lightweight sheet with high heat transfer is attached to the wall and complements the minimalist interior.

Bio fireplace Nerone from designer James Di Marco has rectangular nozzle 1.6 l unit 1 l of butanol. It has graphic and exquisite design and is easy to be collected by yourself.

Swedish designers from the Vauni company have developed a collection of round fireplaces “globe”, presented in two types: wall and floor. Detached devices have the possibility of torsion around the rack.

Italian designer Andrea Crosetta has designed the fireplace specifically for BB Antrax. Unique forms of furnaces distinguish the product from others. In addition, the buyer may choose any of the 200 items which are presented in a palette of all possible colors.

Coffee tables with fireplaces from the brand Planika are more than functional. Reading with and sipping your tea near this fireplace will be a nice end of a day.

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