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A study in the style of Provence

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Simplicity, quality and romance are the hallmarks of the beloved style of Provence. So, creating a Cabinet in this style, choose all-natural and textured items: stucco, wood furniture, homespun carpets, linen fabric, and it is better if it is decorated in soft pastel shades.

Of course, the style of Provence is ideal for country house. But nowadays it can be found in a city apartment too. This is because this French provincial style is very cozy, warm and cheerful. That is why it is so appropriate in Northern latitudes. Making a home office in the style of Provence, we must remember that this style loves all natural. First of all, it is presented by natural finishing. So the right thing would be to decorate the walls with light plaster with aging effect and coarse textures, or apply a brick or stonework. In extreme cases, to use their imitation, and obligatory paint a wall in white or beige color, the red brick would be inappropriate here. For the floor it is best to use an array of boards or high-quality laminate flooring with pattern wooden texture and, where it is possible, whitewashed tones. Furniture should be wooden, simple in shape and solid. And it will be ideal if it is painted in white or beige color and looks definitely aged. That is the whole situation: cabinets, tables, bookcases and chairs should have a vintage look, as if you have got it from my grandmother. All the listed points are the main characteristics of the style. And, of course, the style of Provence is impossible without intimate textiles and accessories. Fabrics for interior decoration are also better to be natural: cotton, linen and wool, and it is better to choose a floral print, especially here it is appropriate to make a focal point on French brand “Vichy”. The same style can be made and cotton lampshades for floor lamps and table lamps that will be performed in a spirit of Provence!

Study, advanced for the light of the accession of the balcony, is decorated in the style of modern classics with elements of Provence.

Office in a country house has a convenient layout and original decor. Features of old and new are combined in the interior. Working area with a classic table and a chair is next to a modern window, a bright striped sofa looks impressive on the background of the ceramic panels depicting the brickwork. It is this “brick wall” that conjures up associations with the style of Provence.

Spacious cabinet is filled with light, air, and gives associations with the South of France. White walls and curtains of light organza, wooden furniture, a walnut color, an elegant chair, an upholstered in a floral cotton carpet with marine colors – it perfectly combines classic, 1960s, and light of Provence.

Small cabinet is in provincial classic style. Decorators have created a bright color contrast, putting white furniture (upholstered) on the background wall color which is rich terracotta.

The authors of contemporary classic interior often use the services of various French styles.

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