Bathroom decorated in classic style


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How to decorate a bathroom with a classic sense? It is very simple. You can focus on the finishes of marble and mosaics, and you can play with sculpted furnishings and crystal light and, of course, don’t forget about the details, a beautiful candle holder and mirror in carved frame will perfectly complement the interior picture.

Classic interiors today are at the peak of popularity. However, lovers of the classics have very different tastes. Some prefer luxury Palace style, others feel content with home paintings and some modern classics, sometimes bright and ironic. In each of these cases, washroom or bathroom shall be in accordance with the basic interior. The impression of a classical palace can be created with expensive veneers. You can decorate the walls and floors with natural marble in white or black colors, and expensive finishes mosaic can be used for, better golden. Really, the best way to create the front interior is to use white and gold palette, or combine warm beige with gold. For the feeling of the English classics, it is best to cover the walls with paneled dark wood and decorate it with pictures having scenes of hunting or racing. If you need French taste, the easiest way to make it with the help of curly furniture in the spirit of Marie Antoinette or the Marquise de Pompadour. Well, if the Cabinet under the sink will look like a Flirty chest of drawers or console in the Rococo style, in the same spirit, you can pick up a fancy chair or bench with velvet upholstery. Of course, it is best to equip a bathroom with classic bathtub with legs. It will decorate any interior. But if the room is small for bathroom and it is enough space only for shower enclosure, you should maintain the style with pretty details, for example, fixtures and plumbing accessories. On the walls, lined with white or black tiles crystal sconces and gilded faucets and mirrors in openwork frames or expensive carved moldings will perfectly fit. They are quite capable of replacing the art. Although lovers of Antiques can’t resist decorating the interior of a bathroom or even a guest bathroom with something artistic. For example, a piece of fine sculpture, beautiful bottles of toilet water or an elegant vase. They will look great on a marble countertop!

Shell of crystal vases, the mixer in the form of a Swan. Very elegant!

The bathroom is decorated in style of modern classics and is decorated in warm beige-pink palette.

One of the many bathrooms of a country house is decorated in the style of English classics.

With the sleek furniture, shiny mirrors, French curtains, in white and gold details it is easy to have a bathroom in style of Marie Antoinette.

A modern classic loves sophistication and simplicity. In the bathroom there are mosaic chocolate color, crystal chandelier and mirrors. Beauty and nothing more!


Guest bathroom is decorated in the style of French classics. There are warm terracotta gamma, patterns on the walls, luxurious mirror in carved frame, fresh flowers and dim lights. Everything here has a look of a cozy lady’s boudoir.

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