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Usual bathroom wall cabinets will enlarge the space in this room and its functionality in times. As bathroom is the place where you use really many things, they make disorder there with time. Shampoo bottles, creams, sop in bars and cans with liquid soaps, detergets, deo sprays and air fresheners, linen and towels – all this stuff may “help” you turning your bathroom into a chaos.

Thus wall cabinets for bathroom are designed with the main purpose – to help you getting rid of home clutter fast and very efficient.

Just choose the “right” cabinets for this place. The best space saving variant is to buy a set of cabinets for bathroom and mount them on the walls. Thus the floor space will be saved and used for the other purposes.

A very tall and slim bathroom wall cabinet will not take too much space as well. It can be placed in a wall recess or even over the toilet. Small bathrooms in studio apartments will “enlarge” their functionality with cabinets. As a studio bathroom is the place where you take a shower and do laundry as well, there can be a danger you may confuse detergents and washing machine solutions with shampoo or soap for body. Therefore use these cabinets which are placed on the level of your eyes for keeping there cosmetics, shampoo, creams and everything which is safe for your skin. The bottom cabinets (they can be mounted under a sink) should be given to detergents and conditioners, air fresheners and whatnot. Medical bathroom cabinets can be mounted over the vanity or a sink.

They organize the prescribed for your medicines and vitamins. Often these units are kept locked , especially when kids live in a house.

Mounting wall cabinets choose several units as a set, so it will add style and elegance even to a small bathroom.

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