Bathrooms decorated in lilac color


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Bathroom colored in lilac tones is a fashionable choice. This gorgeous color can be managed in different ways. You can fill large walls and floor with it, or just make several accents. Even few spots of lilac color will make the interior more romantic and elegant.

Lilac color is preferred by romantic natures and artists. No wonder it is so actively used in the most refined styles of the early XX century – art Nouveau and art Deco. Today this color is loved again. Along with the purple and violet, lilac color has taken its enduring place in the list of fashion trends. Typically, designers choose to design women’s bedrooms with its help, but increasingly they began to use it in bathrooms. Indeed, it is easy to create an elegant and refined interior. The interior style can be very different: from classic and art Deco to ethnics and minimalism. The main thing is not to make a mistake choosing the shades and color combinations. We must remember that lilac belongs to the cold colors of the spectrum. It is very good to combine lilac with beige and coffee tones that will help to soften the cool range. Also lilac harmonizes with the bright greens, the way it occurs in nature. So paired with olive and pale green, it is possible to achieve the impression of a blossoming lilac or violet flowers in the interior. Perhaps this is the best choice. Today it has become fashionable to combine purple with silver chrome and white gloss. In combination with white, it looks the brightest and the most stylish. It’s very simple to achieve this effect in the bathroom. Paint the walls with lilac paint or lay tiles in these colors. Against this background, white sanitary ware looks very impressive, especially a free-standing roll-top bath or a tulip sink. You can create a very interesting composition, by using saturated purple colors, though in this case, it is better not to use the full height of the wall, and decorate only its lower part and to make the top white or light gray. This outstanding combination makes a wonderful backdrop for the decor in modern classics style or art Deco. Of course, to take purple as a basis is very risky, because it is a very complicated and capricious color. And despite the fact that today there is a great choice and a huge palette of colors and finishes; anyhow the best is to consult a professional colorist. It is easy to use this fashionable color in the form of small color patches. For example, cover the base of the bath with mosaics in shades of purple or to place a chair of purple plastic. Also purple accents can be made with the help of textiles and accessories. They will make a special glamour and charm. You will find interesting photos of bathrooms performed in lilac and purple colors in our collection.

Spacious bathroom is decorated in a contemporary hi-tech style. In a monochrome interior decorated in beige, brown and white, the only bright spot is a rack console with built-in sink in bright purple color.

Spacious bathroom is decorated in modern classics style.

The bathroom is decorated in a modern style with ceramic tiles of two colors.

The bathroom is decorated in the style of modern classics.

The spacious bathroom is decorated in the spirit of Japanese Zen. Minimalist interior is decorated with several exquisite details: classic chandelier and traditional screen, casting beautiful shadows on the walls.

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