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Chandelier is a dominant in the living room

Living Room

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Chandelier is a dominant in the living room. Depending on the interior style chandelier can possess classic or modern design. Choose what is closer for you: crystal cascade or fashion light art object.

Ceiling chandelier is the most important element of any room, the living room especially. In addition to the main lighting functions chandelier also plays an important compositional role. Classic living room has a chandelier in the center and it often sets the axis of symmetry. Role of ceiling lamps in large public areas with open space is generally difficult to overestimate. They highlight the functional areas. So, the main large chandelier usually lights up the living room with upholstered furniture. Smaller ceiling fixtures are located in the dining area and kitchen. Today it is common to use hanging ceiling lamps over a dining table, kitchen island or breakfast bar series. They illuminate a lengthy surface of the tables and become an important compositional point of a large open space. Moreover, these pendant lights can be made in classical style and can answer all the trends of modern design decor. For example, a ceiling lamp can have bright trendy colors or unusual spectacular form.

White chandelier “drum”, decorated in the style of modern classics, note the center of the living room.

Series of ceiling pendant lights zone space of the sitting group in the living room open space.

Large ceiling chandelier in modern classics style makes the right accent in the living room.

Classic crystal chandelier placed in the center of the living room is shifted to the window and is above a round table.

The interior of monochrome living room was decorated with original chandelier.

Hanging lamps on long black cords are great for the sitting area in open living room.

Bright interior in the style of pop art is illuminated by various lamps. Square chandelier with lots of lights is located over the purple couch and a couple of pendant lamps are over the bar.

Round lamp on a blue ceiling looks like a cosmic body, it is supplemented by spotlights lamp-stars.

Waiting area with soft furnishings in bright colored upholstery is lighted by elegant crystal chandelier.

Crystal chandelier with exquisite patterned graphics in monochrome interior classic living room.

Spacious open living room is illuminated with a pair of round cascading chandeliers in the fashionable style of the 1970s.

Interior style of the living room in urban loft style is supported by a pair of retro ceiling lighting fixtures.

White designer lamp, floating in the white space of the living room, looks very futuristic.

Huge ribbed lamp over the coffee table looks very sculptural!

Small ceiling chandelier, located in the lounge area, is completed with a pair of large table lamps.

Huge round chandelier marks the center of the living room.

Red ceiling lamp plays important role in the living room.

Design of a fancy chandelier highlights the unusual ceiling.

Designer chandeliers hover shiny objects surrounded by rings with point built-in light. Very impressive!

The large open space of the living room is accomplished by identical chandeliers of black glass. One is located in the dining area, another takes place in the living room. Good reception!

Bright accent in a gray living room is a purple sofa with red Foscarini chandelier.

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