Choosing and installing foyer lighting fixtures


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When you install foyer lighting fixtures, the first thing you should take into account is the height of the light units. If the pendant is installed too low, it may touch the heads of visitors.

If it is too high, changing the bulbs may become a problem. Thus it is recommended to pick the height of 7 feet from the floor. The exclusion may become flat wall lighting fixtures in foyer. These lighting units are installed along the walls. Choose this design if you nave a narrow and long foyer.

Picking the stuff to illuminate the place near your entrance door pay attention at the size of the room. The small space can’t bear too much light. The wide and spacious foyer room may need several light fixtures. Some of these lamps amy be mounted to the walls, the other – pendants can hang from the ceiling. There are variants of foyer design with floor lamps.

The foyer lighting fixtures design may depend on several things – your preferences, your budget and the rest of the home interior style.

Rustic style wall lamps for this room look very original and unique when the house foyer is “poured” into the rustic or antique style living room. Modern light fixtures will look nice in a house with contemporary furniture. These units have usually simple shape and maximum of functions. Lome light fixtures which are used in small foyer rooms can be integrated into the furniture units and walls.

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