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Choosing types of kitchen floor tile

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When you pick kitchen floor tile you have to take into account several very important things. First of all, you should not slip on the floor. As your kitchen is the room where you cook, sometimes pieces of food and products, liquids and water may get on the floor. When cooking you use knives, forks and other sharp things, thus slipperiness should be very important.

Another thing you have to check before buying a certain type of a floor tile for kitchen is its water resistance and durability.

Price of course means much. As for the floor tile design and color, modern materials come in so many color shades and patters, that it is easy to pick the one you like.

Choosing types of kitchen floor tiles you should remember the following. Ceramic tiles are water resistant, but they can be easily cracked on an impact. Glass dishes which may fall on ceramic floor will be broken in most cases. Slate tiles are durable. It is natural stone, which also resists water. You can choose any color of slate tiles to match kitchen furniture and wall color. Granite looks gorgeous, but you should take daily care about your floor sweeping it. Otherwise the food pieces and particles will damage the floor changing its color shade.

Vinyl kitchen tiles for floor can imitate other materials – marble, granit, hardwood or porcelain. They cost less and very easy to install. Linoleum tile has been gaining its popularity as it is made of natural materials and has no toxins. If many years ago linoleum color choice was poor, now it comes in different shades and with bright patterns. Mosaic floors for kitchen are made from ceramic, porcelain or glass. You can choose travertine which is a version of a limestone. Terrazzo floor tiles are easy to clean and maintain as embedded into concrete pieces of marble, granit and another stones form an extra durable surface.

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