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Classic is back in trend: sophisticated trio of black, red and white

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If you look for a breathtaking and bright color combination striking your guests, congratulations, you have found it. Trio of black, red and white looks energetic and visually attractive, perfectly matching any interior solution.

In comparison with the timeless duet of blue and white, that is still on the top of the fashion wave; these colors attract your attention and never leave your mind. All the colors in the trio should be carefully used making a balance of elegance and glamour.

One of the fascinating things you can notice when looking through the photos is the way how the spots of the same color but in different proportions influence the general perception of the room. While it is easy to manage huge dark or rich-scarlet areas within the room, others demand modesty and smaller proportions of the colors.

A bedroom is a place that traditionally requires a reserved design that could help a person relax and stay in a good mood, and it is absolutely not afraid of black-and-red color combination as you might think. In fact a skillful use of different shades together with addition of white allows us creating an interior both elegant and airy at the same time.

The main secret is to balance in space dark and light spots and therefore, delude the general interior with rich-red accents.

Wherein there are may be either many accents, or really few of them. Everything depends on the designer wish to add to the interior dramatic looks.

In the kitchen, the heart of any traditional home, this kind of theatrical extravagances may look awkward. For a classic variant including wooden facades it is better to stop on a small red spot that would be moderately noticeable.

In a bit more contemporary interior we can take the liberty of decorating for example kitchen wall or any other big surface. Artificial lightning is very important, for it would make that red spot not only brighter, but sparkling.

There is much room for maneuvering with the black-and-red color scheme in the kitchen of contemporary minimalistic style. Glossy surfaces look the best here, creating an atmosphere of an upscale luxury.

These colors would also look great within the Mediterranean style, which are actually typical for such an interior. The style of old Spanish traditions now lies on the cross of European and Arabic techniques in decorating.

For a city apartment the minimalistic style would be the best choice, where black and red perfectly match the austere rectangular space.

You can complement this interior and make it more curious using different types of lightings with the light directed on the ceiling, facades and even floor of the room.

Using black-and-red palette in the living-room has several advantages. The first is about creating a European interior slightly changing towards the chalet style with its coziness and abundance of small wooden décor elements.

Second, you can create a pro-Eastern interior where red and black are the only color spots in the room except the white.

The third advantage lies in the possibility of creating the eclectic style interior where a designer can maneuver with combining various elements in any desirable way.

The easiest one to implement possibility is in transforming the Scandinavian minimalism into a more elegant interior at the expense of such a non-traditional selection of colors.

The fifth and most popular possibility is to create an interior in style of French aristocracy where such color combination was already in use centuries ago.

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