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Color trend 2015: orange + blue

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By the end of this year it has become apparent that many of the trends are gaining significant momentum. For example, the usage of various color combinations in interior design. At the moment the pair of orange and blue is very popular in USA.

It is interesting, that the use of such a positive combination of colors is not limited in modern interiors. French eclectic interiors, coastal style, traditional Victorian interior of New England and even modern minimalism use this new trend.

In Mediterranean Europe this fashion was caught by coastal interiors of Spain and France. But, unlike the American version, there are often orange and blue are small pieces of decor – textiles, paintings, lampshades. While in the U.S. large furniture can be painted in these colors.

In the role of blue color different shades often serve – sky blue, teal, and sometimes even turquoise. The effect is different and the darker the tandem of the colors; the more strict and “heavy” seems the interior. The lighter the shades, the more dreaminess and charming the place looks.

It is worth considering that this color scheme always needs to be a chief in the interior. In the room where the work on color and accents has been already done, this fashionable trend will be difficult to use. And in the bright or white interiors it will fit perfectly without any problems.

Note that orange and blue are represented on all the photos in equilibrium. Achieved a perfect balance of bright features, designed to soften the overall impression, the combination is perfect for the modern interior.

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