Different type of bathroom vanities with tops


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Depending on your personal taste you can pick bathroom vanities with tops made of laminate, acrylic, tiles, ceramic, marble or other natural stones. These units are constructed with a sink or several sinks which are built-in.

These tops of bathroom vanities are always water resistant.

This feature is very important when you use a vanity into bathroom. Water usually gets to the vanity top, but never damages it. The less expensive variant of these units is a laminate top vanity. Tops from acrylic are extremely durable and sturdy. These are the easy-to- clean units which can be washed with soap and warm water. Acrylic tops can simulate stone tops designs. These vanities tops are slightly more expensive than laminate tops, but cheaper than natural stones units. Marble and granit ( is solid and natural) are expensive and unique.

If somebody has got a bathroom vanity with top which is made of natural solid stone, you may be sure that nobody will ever have the same stuff. Ceramic tiles, glazed and unglazed, are also used to be installed over the vanity top. Some vanities with tops are made of mirrors, and even thick glass. Those tops of bathroom vanities which have got two or more integrated sinks into these tops may be bought for the families having several children. Then in the morning children can use sinks at the same time.

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