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Those people who love to experiment at home design , who have a really personal oppinion about the things which they do, choose eclectic style for their home. The main feature of an eclectic style is the mixture of different centuries trends and styles in one room.

You can work at your sleeping room decor gradually. Each time add something new to your dorm interior. Every visit to an antique store or a flea market, garage sale shopping may change the eclectic style of your bedroom.

Eclectic style foresees expressing your preferences in design. You should not focus on any classic rules. However, this style, beloved by artists and poets, sculptors and musicians, is usually created on the basis of two or three fashionable styles, which are the favorites of the home designer.

Eclectic room is an eternal search for a balance between what you love and what you really need in your sleeping room. The huge designers job here is to combine all the object in a beautiful expressive way and do not let any chaos in your dorm.

The first impression is the basic moment in any eclectic bedroom. First it seems this room does not have any system of arranging furniture, accessories and decorations. The best designers want to get a unique effect. The sleeping room should seems very stylish and have a relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

The “random” mixture of styles and decor trends is the base of eclectic style. Each area in the room has got its own purpose – mixing the opposite styles elements in such a way to let one style coming into another one. For example,this picture shows a teenager girl pop art room which is mixed with classic French style interior and American approach to the furniture arrangement.

There are no boundaries for eclecticism in general. Eclectic room can be bohemia and aristocratic, elegant and at the same time very simple, almost austere. It may resemble you about past or make you dreaming about future design.

Nothing unites the various elements of an eclectic bedroom better than the same color palette. Select your the color shades in such a way to “travel” from one epoch to another one easily. As we speak about a bedroom, the easiest way to provide these transitions is to use textiles – canopy, pillows, bed linen.

Choosing two or three main basic colors for eclectic dorm should become your main “rule”. For example, use white, pale green and “carrot” orange. If you use too many shades, your sleeping room will get a messy look. Thus, designers avoid choosing too many colors combinations.

Some eclectic bedrooms are designed in such a style when the color becomes something insignificant. Here the main work of the room decorator is to choose the “right” furniture and install it in the “right” places. This small Scandinavian bedroom on the photo demonstrates this approach.

Eclectic style works perfectly in large and small rooms.

The interior becomes more colorful when you use two absolutely opposite styles in room decoration. Combine two epoches in a dorm, and it will get a stunning look. The perfect example – traditional arabic motifs in a modern loft.

We may open you another eclectic style secret – every color shade should be repeated in the dorm several times. The same refers to various forms and ornaments. Repeating the same details creates the interior integrity.

Neutral color of the walls or monochrome wallpaper should become the “base” of an eclectic room. It is used as a background for decor details and bright furniture units.

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  1. Akbar

    August 20, 2015 at 12:01 am

    Wondeful, and our flat looks sooooooooo clean and shiny :))) and msniisg pics of our great daily visitors, like cheeky Eduardo, huge cockroaches, crazy Sousie

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