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What do people adoring English style prefer to see in their houses? Definitely, a convenient free layout and classic English style. The furniture which is made of wood, plaid and floral upholstery, draperies and units decorated with the British flag will magnificently fit in this interior design.

As you know the definition of English style is something vague. The history remembers classic English Gothic and numerous styles of British monarchs, from King Edward to George.

Victorian style has had the biggest impact on the English style interiors. Exactly in this time the British began to fill their small two-storey houses with bulky cabinets, leather chairs and sofas and various stuff brought from the south-eastern colonies: ornamental carpets, embroideries, heels and all other traditional exotic.

Besides it the British adore their own textiles which create comfort and coziness. The most important thing here is the brightness of this textile. English people adore this stuff.

Striped curtains and upholstery striped, small and large flowers, oriental patterns with “cucumber” ornaments make their homes bright and very cheerful.

But of course, the most beloved British ornament is a variety of cell types – from Vichy brand to famous Berbers which are the hallmark of the English style. In addition to the active decor English people never forgot about the Art. Therefore, the walls of living and dining rooms always have numerous paintings displaying landscapes, scenes of hunting and horse racing, as painting and drawing.

Still the conservative British prefer to live in small sized apartments surrounded by a great amount of things, ornamental textiles and Art works. Fans of English style “repeat” this Victorian style in their Paris, New York and Moscow apartments with great pleasure.

These spacious living areas with open kitchen decorated in a classic style reflect English classics notes. The British always use white and beige color shades in interior design. The kitchen set of milkycolor and floor tiles in creamy beige tones match perfectly.

This spacious living room is decorated in style of modern classics. Kitchen and dining rooms are separated from the living room with a wooden panel. Brown wallpaper with checkered patterns looks cool with graphic illuminated sheets.

The open modern classic living room with elements of high-tech features is adorned with the sets of dark wood furniture. Chess floor creates a special charm. Two metal racks are added to the classic wooden cupboards. Tableware and accessories are displayed on the shelves of these units.

This living room is decorated in modern style of light tones. Classic accents-facades of kitchen furniture and decorated panels are present in the interior. Oriental rug and the box with pictures of British flag remind us about English traditions.

This small studio with an open living room kitchen room looks stylish and modern. English theme is seen in gray-brown colors, metal lamps and wall chart and traditional English patterns can be found on Roman blinds.

This living room kitchen room interior is penetrated with the classic spirit. The lovely ceiling with a central chandelier, wooden flooring, a massive sectional sofa with lots of pillows, a large rug and lush draperies. English check patterns on decorative textiles.

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