Freestanding bathtub types


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A freestanding bathtub is an independant tub which is not built into floor or wall and available in a store as one separate unit. This type of bathtubs is the oldest one. First bathtubs were freestanding. These units were made of stone, later – marble, cast iron and steel. Some contemporary freestanding bathtubs are made of acrylic. Luxurious units may be even porcelain. The types of modern bathrubs which stand free also vary. Antique or retro bathtub of cast iron is called claw foot bathtub as its legs really remind a beast’s claws. Another type – hot tub is an air jet unit with water massaging functions.

Choosing a place for a free standing bathtub it is recommended you use a center of the room.

It means the bathroom for this type of bathtubs should be pretty spacious. Some home owners rebuilt a bathroom which stands free into a shower cabin. Converting a tub to a shower is a creative work which will take your time, but the result will be really great. A freestanding tub unit is often chosen for luxurious houses. This unit becomes an additional tub in a bathroom with a shower. There are freestanding tubs which are used outside in your back yard.

It is a pleasure to dive into water when the weather is sunny and warm. Taking a bath outside has its pluses – you do not care if you spill the water on the floor or leave water stains on the walls. In most cases outdoor bathtub is made of cast iron.

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