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Gray kitchen cabinets for a modern home

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The best advantage of gray kitchen cabinets is that they are almost universal – you can buy these units for any style of your kitchen. If this room is designed in rustic style, you may choose wooden cabinets in grey color but with no varnish covering their surfaces.

Contemporary kitchen will look absolutely awesome when you buy for it gray furniture and yellow curtains with ash grey prints or patterns. When you have already gray cabinets for kitchen at home, think about the right decoration of this room and colors combination which you may use. The best ones color shades matching these cabinets and other furniture in grey finish will be pink and yellow. Stylish elegance will add to your kitchen design black, white and off-white window treatments and rugs, walls in solid white or white with patterns.

Your kitchen with kitchen cabinets in gray finish may look very bright or solid. It depends on the wallpaper and decor surrounding your furniture.

If you use pink and white or yellow with a combination of gray the room looks very homey. Black and white colors add it modern look. You can pick low budget plywood cabinets for kitchen and gray laminated units. The higher budget furniture is made of a real hardwood and varnished or colored in ash gray. You can order at the popular stores online custom cabinets for your kitchen or do them yourself.

Country style DIY cabinets for your rustic kitchen may be later painted in gray with acrylic paints. if you choose cabinets for a small kitchen choose the wall units, so that the floor space will be left free. Tall units of furniture also space the space in your kitchen. The wide and spacious rooms may be divided into areas with cabinets or a kitchen island which may be used as a mini bar.

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