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Hallway in a country style

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If an apartment or country house is decorated in a country style, its hallway interior should feature the stuff from natural materials and traditional things. A wooden bench, wrought iron hangers, home-made rug and woven baskets for slippers and umbrellas will look awesome there.

The popularity of country style has been growing rapidly. It is especially popular among cities residents who suffer from the lack of everything natural. Therefore, authentic furnishings and traditional decor has now become a trend in homes interior design. Hallway is the first room of the house which you see coming in it. This means its country style interior should have everything natural, traditional and handmade.

Country house is the easiest and the most available place to create the rustic and country style interiors in. It is especially cool if the walls are made from stone or wood. Antique and vintage things look absolutely unique there.

Besides wooden furniture country style hallway will easily “adopt” forged and cast iron items. You can even collect a set of these things, combining a metal hanger for clothes with a table and a rack. Such metal things look very impressive near the wooden walls.

Wicker furniture units and accessories look naturally there. Lightweight and comfortable chairs, coffee tables, various baskets and boxes always will be useful in a hallway. In summer time you can always move these units to your patio, and then place them back.

Textiles can become stunning interior decorations. bright striped rugs, ceramic vases and pots, something from art can be used. You can hang a small painting on the wall and decorate it into a wooden frame.

All these tips will work well for decoration hallways in urban apartments.However, in a city country style hallway and house you have to work with the flooring and to support the theme. The illusion of wood or brick can be easily achieved with the help of wallpaper prints or ceramic tiles.

The main decor attraction of this apartment – exposed brick walls. White furniture-sofas and cabinets, as well as wicker ottomans and colorful painting look cool near the bricks background.

This spacious entrance hall demonstrates that style of modern classics and elements of country style can live together. An example of this – a combination of natural and painted wood, as well as traditional lights from glass and classic shade lamps.

This spacious entrance hall is decorated in style of modern art country style. Everything is finished with wood, the walls and ceiling are painted white. Wall hooks imitating yellow trees are used as hangers. It seems that the bags and hats hang on yellow branches and trunks.

This country house entrance hall interior connected brickwork, wooden beams, openwork screens with floral accents and carved trim. Ceramic tiles floor resembles a woven bark.

Here designers have added European classical and oriental tradition elements to Russian country style. A crystal chandelier, bright Indian rug and Chinese porcelain look cool together with whitewashed wooden walls.

This wooden country house is decorated in modern style, but elements of classic and country style. Traditional wooden walls, floors and beamed ceilings are used in interior. You can see all parts of the house from the hallway.

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