How to design your bathroom?


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Everything depends on its space and your personal taste. Somebody can’t live without a spacious bath tub or jacuzzi, another person will be happy with a shower. Some picky home owners choose both plus install a contemporary and fashionable toilet. The choice is yours.

Equipping the bathroom is a very important and even vital task. After all, our comfort and hygiene, even the life quality depend on the convenience of this functional room.

Today many people want to have the newest bathroom fixtures and contemporary decor. However, bathroom design depends on many factors.

If your bathroom is spacious enough and your budget lets doing it besides the basic sink and bath tub, you can build there a shower stalls and jacuzzi. Some home owners install there a bidet toilet, especially if the family is large and has many kids.

The owners of small bathroom have to choose between a bath tub and a shower stall. Shower saves space much and lets you installing some home equipment there – washing mashine a or bathroom furniture.

Bathroom wall decor is very important . Wall tiles should be nice and water resistant. The market offers expensive mosaics and natural stone, marble, slate and agate besides traditional tiles.

Bath decor usually matches the home style. Minimalist loft may have a spacious bathroom with a monochrome design. Classic home will “adopt” a claw bath tub equipped with a curtain.

Bathroom and toilet walls are decorated with lush mosaic patterns. Wooden furniture in retro style looks cool at this background.

This spacious bathroom with 2 windows is decorated with marble and mosaic.The large mirror over the countertop creates an illusion of a vast space with 4 windows.

White bathroom is decorated with ornamental Cole & Son wallpaper with beautiful graphical trees.

Large designer chair, tables and a circular chandelier found their place in a spacious bathroom finished with natural marble, ceramic tiles and panoramic mirrors.

The spacious bathroom is decorated in modern classics stile and has cream and beige color tones.The vanity is designed as a painted chest.

A small bathroom is decorated with modern ceramic and glass finishes. The walls are painted in blue and terracotta colors.

This bathroom is designed in e black-and-white. Bright tiles and dark wood furniture create this contrast.

Designer toilet of round shapes looks stylish against gray walls background. Vintage chess and openwork birdcage found their place on the long concrete countertop.

Classical and Art Deco motifs are used in this decor. Black and white marble floor tiles and a wall tiled with leopard print and portraits of cat add beauty to this room.

Black and white tiles were used in the walls decoration. A panel of white tiles is used as a background for a funny, ironic and frivolous picture.

The bathroom is decorated in warm colors. White toilet and accessories look cool on this of brown and terracotta background.

The bathroom is decorated in modern classics and Art Deco glamor styles. Designers added mirrors reflections for the black and white colors and ornaments.

Bathroom is decorated modern eclectic style and looks elegant. Cabinet dark wood furniture looks great against bright blue-gray hue walls.

The spacious bathroom is located on the second floor of a country house and made in eclectic style with elements of classic and ethnic decor.

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  1. Hamoda

    August 20, 2015 at 1:17 am

    We don’t even have toilet paper hloders here. When we renovated both bathrooms we took them out, so the t.p. just sits on the back of the commode or where ever. I tend to be better at putting in an extra roll when the current one gets low, but the huz sometimes will leave me hanging.

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