How to save on a bedroom repairment?


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In ideal, bedroom is an oasis of peace. We offer you some simple tips how to repair and furnish your sleeping room afor less.

Bedroom is a private room, no strangers come there. This means it does not need an expensive repairment. On the other hand, you need to arrange your “nest” for a comfortable relaxation. Here are some recommendations how to do it and get a beautiful dorm.

1. Refuse from perfect even walls

Years ago wallpaper and paint were applied directly on the walls, without preparing the even surface to attach the material. In this century the walls are carefully treated before attaching wallpaper. Try to refuse from the even walls. Textured surfaces remind us about the beach rest and relax us more. It will be enough to putty walls and paint them.

Wallpapers can also be attached to the walls without alignment. If the surface is not too bumpy it is acceptable. Small patterns on wallpapers (floral, geometric or ornamental) will hide uneven surface

If you need even walls like a lot, use plasterboard lining (frameless method). You will not spend money on metal profiles, corners and rails. It is important to choose a reliable adhesive and prime the walls.

Finishing such walls use also wallpaper or paint – the best eco-friendly materials for urban apartments.

2. Saving on suspended ceilings

Split-level ceiling with varied lighting looks gorgeous in a bedroom. But this construction is not cheap. There’s nothing better than just painting the ceiling. If material is waterproof, you can wash the surface. Better buy a variety of lamps and lighting and use them for the best sleeping room design.

3. A beautiful DIY headboard

Make the bedroom spacious for self-expression. Start with the headboard:paint the wall with a beautiful ornament or laminate the headboard space to create a contrast look.

Use repainted paneled or carved doors, old boards, use soft textile to upholster these units. Even if you choose the boldest and the most unusual techniques and materials, your bedroom will still get a traditional, classic look .

4. Cheap and eco-friendly flooring

Today laminate is cheaper than some types of carpeting. It is a comfortable, beautiful and fast solution for a bedroom. High-quality carpet can also be budget: buy it cheap at a clearance sale.

Linoleum is a cheap variant for treating your dorm floors.Choose neutral colors. Use cheap carpets over linoleum and change them as often as you want to.

The floor board is an interesting solution. It is inexpensive, but it needs a proper foundation. If you have a wooden sturdy floor,use this board – this is the most eco-friendly choice from the offered ones.

Cheap and eco-friendly flooring

5. Find the best replacement for expensive furniture

Think if you need a bed. Today high mattresses are very popular. They perfectly match a Scandinavian style dorm, look well in country sleeping rooms.

Refuse from a large wardrobe in your sleeping room. Use simple mounted bars on wheels moving your “closet” anywhere you need it. Place a large mirror in your dorm.

Old boxes, suitcases and other vintage stuff can replace traditional drawers and dressing tables. Surround yourself with original things having their own history.

6. Buy textiles and jewelry at sales

Сhange the look of your bedroom more often. Scandinavian-style blankets or romantic Victorian lamps and vases easily can be changed to violent ethnic colors and ornaments. Decor bought in a thrift or at a sale is inexpensive. Off-white walls and ceilings will become the best background for decorations.

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