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Kitchen-living room performed in the Italian style

Kitchen & Dining Room

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Look at the pictures of old Italian masters and choose their favorite motives: marble floors, sculpted fireplaces, beautiful moldings and large expanse of soft golden tones and definitely anything from classical art.

The Italian style is a collective notion. Because there is no single, separated Italian style, there are styles of ancient Rome. Among them there is Italian Renaissance, Baroque, liberty, i.e. Italian art Nouveau. Today there is a collective image of Italian style, which took the crumbs from each of the great styles of the past. Of course, Italian style is primarily classical. Therefore, we must understand that it will take a lot of space and big investments. Due to the fact that Italian classic is synonymous to luxury, the interiors of this style are decorated with expensive marble, natural wood and wood inlays. A good idea is to travel to Italy before you take on Italian interior, for example, to visit Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, where all the rooms have luxurious fireplaces, marble flooring, walls decorated by ornate tapestries, and the doors are decorated with artful wooden inlays. Of course, today, in order to design the interior in the Italian spirit, do not necessarily take Carrara marble and write ancient tapestries from Italy. High-quality imitations can replace all this beauty. For example, the floor in open living room can be decorated with natural wood, and the kitchen area can be tiled with marble effect streaks and veins. The furniture should be exclusively classical, wooden and shapely. Very well, if the facades are painted in a warm cream color, on which metal parts in bronze or gold will look particularly impressive. Upholstered furniture and draperies at the windows are better to be performed in soft velour of the same creamy beige tones. And instead of antique tapestries it is good to choose a beautiful patterned carpet with soft bristles, which will accomplish a sofa group. We should not forget about the light. There should be a lot of different sources: wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps with classic shades, well, if there is a pair of them that will help to create a symmetrical composition. Such a composition can be complemented with a large crystal chandelier, and you can create a decent exhibit of colored Murano. And, of course, Italian living room will require something artistic.

Spacious white living room flowing into the open kitchen is decorated in the style of modern classics. In the living area tiled shaped wooden flooring and the kitchen area is highlighted by a white ceramic tile.

Living room / kitchen in a country house is decorated in the classic European style, where you can feel the spirit of Provence and old Italian traditions.

Living room is connected with spacious kitchen with rectangular apertures. Both rooms can be combined with light beige tones, classic furniture and natural finishes.

Spacious public area is decorated in modern style with classical elements.

Classic living room is separated from the spacious kitchen-dining area with sliding walls made of stained glass. The interior is filled with Italian classics.

Open kitchen-living room is located on the ground floor of a wooden country house.

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