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Kitchen performed in the style of art Deco

Kitchen & Dining Room

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It is a good idea to decorate a functional kitchen space with luxurious art Deco. To do this, select wooden furniture, leather upholstery, golden palette, geometric patterns, as well as plenty of mirrors and polished finishes.

The style of luxury and beauty is again at the peak of popularity today. Art Deco, which incorporates the features of many styles and cultures from art Nouveau and cubism to classics and ethnics, is intended to emphasize the interior of affluence and glamour of its owners. Many famous masters have worked hard to create this refined style. One of the most famous – Jacques-Emile, Rullman. French decorator came up with many types of furniture and lightings, as well as designs for wallpapers, fabrics and carpets. Tables, dressers, and chairs from Makassar, are made of rosewood and mahogany, and covered with a black and beige lacquer. Lacquer furniture is decorated with mother-of-pearl, ivory, shark skin and tortoise shell. With the advent of art Deco in Vogue exotics, the interiors are decorated with traditional African sculpture, and the floors began to be covered with Zebra, leopard and giraffe skins. Today, as before the art Deco style is not available to everyone. It’s mainly wealthy people who choose it to emphasize their status and wealth. Although new technologies of the production of furniture and accessories make elegant style increasingly accessible. The fact is that the expensive and rare materials today can be easily replaced by cheap ones. For example, lacquered wood can be perfectly simulated by polished plastic, and the glitter of gold and silver can be replaced by chrome metal or mirrored glass. This style is very fond of big spaces, high ceilings and wide panoramic windows, so it will be right to use it in a large open living room united with kitchen and dining room. Not necessarily to choose expensive wood and precious inlays in the quality of finishes, you can use more democratic and accessible materials. For example, the open kitchen it is better to be decorated with a checkerboard floor of black and white tiles, pottery with geometric designs. Try to choose polished plastic, high-gloss surfaces that will be like mirrors reflecting the entire interior.

The open kitchen is decorated in a modern style with elements of art Deco.

The spacious kitchen is decorated in a trendy modern classics style with hints of art Deco. The sleek interior is designed in black and white colors with a predominance of white.

In this project, the interior is built on a fashionable mixed doubles neo-classicism, neo-art Nouveau and art Deco.

The kitchen connects with the living room through a wide rectangular arches and is decorated in the same modern style of art Deco.

The open kitchen is designed in a mixed style with modern classics and art Deco. Here everything is matched in color and gloss: glossy black kitchen, black and white tile patterns on the “apron”, polished white plastic table.

In the open kitchen connected with dining room and living room, there are white reigns, reinforced with light from the windows.

The interior is decorated with showy ornaments; here they decorate the floor.

The open kitchen looks stylish, impressive and very cultural.

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