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There is always a place for a small office in the apartment. It can be located in the living room, bedroom and gazebo. The most important thing for it is to have all necessary items: a desk, a comfortable chair, a book shelf and a proper lighting.

Today, more and more people prefer to work at home. Mostly homemade hermits are people of creative professions: writers, poets and writers, but not only. Numerous armies of freelancers and students also need a home office, though it is small, it can be called a mini-cabinet. Well, if it is located in a separate room, where no one bothers you and you can easily learn and create. But if this is not so, it is possible to arrange a place for mini-cabinet in other rooms. Most often, a small study is arranged in living room. This does not need a lot of arrangements, just to have a desk opposite the window and a small rack for books, magazines and papers near. Of course, such a study always requires some separated zone from the common space.

Therefore, it is logical to separate it using a small partition, on which you can equip shelving. It combines several functions: zoning area and systems for storage. Wonderful, if the living room has a light from window. If you do not have a dining room that often happens, then logically there should be an office with a desk and a nice chair or armchair. Good idea is to organize a mini office on the glazed balcony.

There you can always be alone and the lights are always great. Mini office is sometimes arranged in the bedroom, and working place for pupils of the nursery. To create the right lighting place for a desk near the window. But today, instead of using a table the window sill is equipped by wide and long top. At such a stationary table everything you need for work can be positioned: a computer or a laptop, books, tutorials, etc.

But the best way for books is to make a little rack next to the table. It creates convenient storage and decorates the interior. As for the style of mini-cabinet, it should match the main interior look. For example, if your living room is decorated in the style of modern classics, graceful figure table workplace will suit it, and take a table lamp with classic shade for illumination.

But if your home is decorated in a modern style, you can organize a spacious work desk on the sill. If stationary variant does not suit you, you can choose an original designer desk, an amusing table lamp and an ergonomic chair. And your mini-cabinet will become your favorite working space.

The office is decorated stylishly and fashionably.

In a large country house project authors found a place for individual study, but formalized it by the analogy with the whole interior in the style of modern classics in gray-beige monochrome.

Home office looks like a small elegant living room or boudoir.

The office is a separate room where a space for work and relaxation is created.

Spacious study combines a space for work and a relaxation area.

A separate room is comfortably equipped and tastefully decorated.

The cabinet is decorated inmodern style and in a nice gray-blue color.

A cabinet is arranged in the place of the attached balcony.

Cabinet has allocated a small room with a bay window. A small study is organized in the outdoor seating.


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