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Modern and rustic style in your dining room

Kitchen & Dining Room

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Opposits attract, especially in interior designs. This new trend has become very popular in large metropolitan areas, where this eclectic style looks perfect.

The “tasty” contrast between the wooden furniture rustic comfort and chairs in a modern style will make any dining room looking fashionable. Combine Scandinavian style and urban minimalism here. Try to vary loft with rustic style, place industrial furniture and decorate it with retro accessories. Such mixes look more impressive if you use the colors contrast as well. Light and dark shades game doubles th e contrast to the eclectic room styles variety.

The main thing in two opposite styles combination is to match them with the existing interior design – flooring, ceiling, walls and room stuff. Combining shapes and shades of these things here is very important.

On the first photo we see the elegant combination of retro and provence styles. The sky blue color mediates the composition of this dining room and the rest home furniture.

Here chrome and leather benches perfectly matching the dining table make the look of the open dining room original. “Lynn chairs” and “Permesso bench” by Girsberger demonstrate this style successfully.

This light interior in beach style is created by a designer from Barcelona. Dark walnut table surrounded by show-white chairs resembling beautiful smooth shells, create special “resort” mood.

It seems that these bright light- white benches and dining table dark” illuminate” the dark and dramatic interior . Straight lines and chiseled angles and minimalist finish show the gorgeous simplicity of design.

The classic white chair is perfect for creating such a fashionable combination. Its sleek lines successfully compete with brutality of rustic wood.

Uneven furniture edges and light wooden trim add modern style to the other parts of this interior. Here glossy white chairs look much better than in any “pure” modern interior.


This nook for breakfast created in a snow-white room is built around a large wooden table surrounded by modern chairs. We can state that even in a small urban kitchen can rustic and modern can be combined perfectly.

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