New trend in interior design: mirrored wall


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The use of mirrors in interior design began with the moment when their manufacture was adjusted. This tradition was mostly widespread in Europe – in expensive houses and mansions of Great Britain, France and Germany. Along with classic elegant furnishing, the luxury of a huge mirror in golden frame was always highly valued.

Now the mirrors in the interior are not necessarily demonstrate chic, they rather add glamour to any interior design. Besides, this decorative technique reflects the relevance of your interior, as a complicated use of mirrors in the room is determined by the professionalism of the designer.

Traditionally, mirrored walls were used in a living room, dining room and hall. Now, there are no such strict rules, so everything is limited only by your imagination.

Among the interesting innovations, which now have the right to be called the newest trends in design, – a complement the mirrored wall with the patterns of stars. This trend is very popular in USA and Canada, and spread throughout the interiors of both countries with amazing speed.

Another idea is a mirrored fireplace, which looks stunning in eclectic and modern futuristic interiors.

In addition to the standard framing of small mirrors, from which the entire wall is composed, there is a variant of alternation of mirror surfaces and, for example, wooden ones – in the form of horizontal or vertical lines, staggered or in any other order.

Mirrored wall gives the best effect in combination with the other shining furniture. Then the interior becomes literally full of glamor, that gives a luxurious look even to a small room.

Therefore, the use of a mirrored wall or ceiling in a city apartment interior can be fully justified. It will create the necessary scope and depth of the room and will make your interior very stylish.

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