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Ottoman coffee table for your living room

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The ottoman coffee table which we use so widely today has come to us from Turkey. It used to be a seating unit , tufted and padded, heaving no back and often featuring a spacious storage inside it.

As this comfy stool did not have a back initially people started to use it as an occasional table placing trays with coffee or tea on it.

Today ottoman coffee tables are modernized, improved, changed in size and in their functions.

They are used also as an additional seat or a footrest for a couch, but the leather upholstery and a pretty large size of the top make these ottomans real coffee tables. There is a difference between a classic traditional table for coffee and ottoman used as a coffee table. The padded surface of the last one is uneven so the tray is needed to provide a stable surface. Very often these ottomans are large enough to play chess or another table game with your friend and drink coffee or tea.

These comfy units are designed for smart rest. Contemporary ottomans derived their siblings leather upholstery and soft, but flat top. Additionally they got several drawers and storage. Very often genuine leather is replaced by faux leather. So these modern units can be used in an eclectic style room. Some ottoman tables have got built-in wooden tray for placing there coffee cups.

Its surface (and the tray) are covered with a padded top. Take the top off and you get an occasional table.

Place the top on its place and use it again as a famous ottoman.

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