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Tired of boring white walls in the bathroom? They can easily be customized with wall paintings. The drawings and the style is better to be chosen on your own. It can be a flower in the spirit of art Nouveau, antique ornaments or a bright shocking graffiti.

It is a great idea to make your bathroom unique and even artistic. For this, all means are good. You can hang scenic landscape or still life on the wall, after having defended their tight frames from humidity, but it is the best to decorate the walls with paintings or original paintings that are durable and can resist moisture and temperature changes. Of course, it is better to call for professional artists or to use their tips to make the painting strong and durable. Of course, everything depends on the area of the bathroom and its overall design. If you own a spacious bathroom then you can do anything with it. You can decorate an entire wall with Venetian plaster or figurative mosaics. Great mosaic pictures can be selected in the directories of Bisazza and Sicis, and decorate the space with antique portraits and architectural sketches, and luxurious fashionable colors. Today fashion has returned to the use of artificial mosaics. Now, as in Renaissance and Baroque, we have the opportunity to entertain ourselves and our guests with an unusual picture, creating the illusion of reality. For example, to portray the super-realistic landscape as if it is seen from the window or artfully paint a beautiful still life of vases and bottles. Another fashionable option is a mural painting with patterns of natural stone. You can create the illusion of white Carrara marble with black streaks or a landscape or beautiful ornaments of precious onyx. All of these wall paintings and mosaics are better to equip with a special highlight, it will be even more spectacular!

The architecture and space of the bathroom allowed the authors of the project to create an art installation. In addition to the spacious recreation area with table and chairs, the designers built a high podium, on the upper floor of which was placed a round Jacuzzi. And the long curved wall is painted with a beautiful seascape to make a bath even better.

A spacious bathroom is located on the attic floor of a country house. It is decorated in the style of modern classics which shows a great taste of the person who was its designer.

Bathroom is connected to the bedroom. The spacious space has nothing superfluous, only the large oval tub and designer Panton chair from Vitra. The main decoration of the space is a huge poster with a fragment of famous paintings of Sandro Botticelli’s “Spring”.

Architectural sketches and plans are made to decorate the interiors of offices and libraries. The authors of the project decided to decorate bathroom wall with architectural graphics.

Spacious bathroom in a country house has a comfortable layout and beautiful decor. Walls combine polished ceramic tile, marble, and the upper walls are decorated with ornamental mosaics.

The bathroom is decorated in style of modern classics and with the use of noble monochrome palette. The main decoration of the room is an ornamental mosaic.

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