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Dealing with the bedroom interior, the home owners , designers and decorators forget about black color. They consider black finish too risky, even in a contemporary bold project. Instead, pastel shades , as something more classic and comfortable are used. The black and dark grey shades revival is a hot tend in the world design bathroom projects.

The opportunity to create a luxurious boudoir, surrounded by mystery and drama, but placed in a small space is one of the main advantages of this choice. This color will fit it both in female and male bedrooms and family nests as well. The walls in this sleeping room are easily transformed into a stylish art object. Besides, the space gets a special incredible depth through a properly sized lighting which turns the room into a theatrical show.

There is a huge amount of possible combinations of black with the other colors. You can start with the most uncompromising variant – designing a completely black room. On the the photo you can see how a variety of shiny surfaces, several light fixtures and lamp shades create an incredible atmosphere.

Using black, you can create a glossy, glamorous interior, but the variations of design with black are not limited with this choice. Retro style rooms in black look stunning. The photo of such a room proves how glamorous the dorm looks.The black color does not determine the style, but only provides a platform for the further transformation of an existing room into something new.

Even the classic American interior, very positive traditionally or at least neutral, is transformed into a trendy one when black walls in the bedroom are chosen.

Traditional British and French bedrooms look more luxurious and very expensive, when black color with floral patterns and elegant forms is used in the rooms interior.

Modern minimalism, including urban style looks as if it was created for black. It is very simple, but it looks perfectly here.

In modern urban high-rise buildings sleeping rooms black can create a necessary intrigue in such a standard room.

In country house interior black will add elegance. Black bedroom will artistically compete with the natural beauty outside the window.

The black color is an excellent experimental platform for many modern styles, based on a combination of minimalism with an amount of creativity.

The creation of a contrast headboard with added golden elements and strict space symmetry of space may become an excellent variant to create a sleeping room in black shades.

Practice shows – the black color is perfect for a teenager’s bedrooms. Later you can easily change the dorm look depending on the family needs and wishes.

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    I listened to and was impressed by your prteineatson at Purdue and am so pleased you have started this discussion. I am at a change of direction in my life and my goals are to establish a business which incorporates teaching and selling my work.

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