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Porcelain pugs and dancers, wicker baskets and boxes, as well as curious art objects, vintage stuff and flower vases made of glass and ceramics are in trend again. All these things make our houses unique.

The popular idiom “the Devil is in the detail” which is derived from the “God is in the detail” is absolutely true if we speak about interior. Original accessories are in trend always. Today everybody agrees that no decor means no fun. The interior without these small cute things, figurines and art works is dull and gloomy. No one trend with its super minimalist love to office-like and hospital- like half -empty spaces and white walls could not kill the love to small lovely things.

Honestly speaking, we are all collectors in a way. Somebody inherited the stuff from his granny, another one is an owner of the unique things brought from overseas. Everybody has got nice gifts from his friends at home, and some items seemed to us so beautiful that we could not resist our desire to have them at home…and bought them. Today there are thousands of places where you can buy nice stuff to decorate the house.

Interior salons and stores offer us to buy something for home decoration. Of course, everybody has his own preference and tastes . Each style needs its own accessories. The lovers of classic style should go to antique shops, while modern art fans would rather prefer stamped porcelain plates and teapots. Ethnic style attracts the treasures found at flea markets – something from old embroidery, wicker baskets, bronze lamps and cans, bottles, which are always useful in household.

However, the most popular trend today is designer accessories. Cappelini and Moroso, Kartell and IKEA offer unique stuff for a modern home. Young designers work out the new images of decor. Dutch, British and Scandinavians artists love to create something funny and ironic. Collecting these things is an excitement. Adults are totally involved in this hobby, which brings good mood to everybody. These small cute things can be really unique gifts. When you do not know what to give to your friend for his birthday, choose one of these nice things. This choice is always safe and exciting.

Interior room is decorated with wooden Italian greyhound. A funny couple of French Bulldogs busts decorate the chest.

Animals sculptures is a fashionable trend of any modern interior. Bronze panther on the polished marble looks spectacular.

Decorating your table with a porcelain set is a nice idea. The composition will not be complete without a lovely vase.

Cute composition of clear and colored glass items on the kitchen shelf adds beauty to home decor and can be used to store dry food from candies to nuts.

Mantel is designed to display something beautiful on it. Here a porcelain elephant walks among the green ferns and cactus plants.

Decorate your home with contrast colors and patterns. A black candlestick in modern classics style looks original near white boxes with black ornaments.

This composition collected favorite things of a home owner – an Empire-style candlestick, a vintage box for candies and a family photo.

Interior toys are popular today. A small-arm stand for a fun art object is placed above the picturesque panels painted with a bright graffiti.

Placed near textured walls, these books will look very impressive. Often these funny interior “know-hows” are born when you relocate to another house.

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