Storing in bathroom – 10 productive ideas and over 40 examples


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Bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your house where you should place towels, linen, hygienic stuff, detergents and miscellaneous. Today we will tell you how to organize bathroom storages in a smart way.

1. Use space under the sink

Despite the type of a sink you use, pedestal or wit a vanity, use each centimeter of bathroom space rationally. Construct built-in shelves, use hanging elements. this will help you to save useful storage space.

2. Organize storage cabinets

Use a smart system of shelves, baskets and containers. All this will give you the most effectively organized storages. Many small items can create clutter, so separate things into groups. Place shower accessories in one container, keep household chemicals in another one. Bathroom towels should have their shelf. Do not forget about the surface of the doors. You can use them for creating a hanger for towel dryer or mount a shelf for storing small bathroom items.

3. Use space under the bath tub

Today, bath tub screens have become more functional and allow the use the area around the tub.You can order a customized bath tub screen online.

4. Add more functions to the side space of your bath tub

A bath tub does not take the whole length of a bathroom, leaving small gap between the tub and the wall surface. This space can be used to install there a shallow rack or shelving. And even if the bath tub takes the entire length of the room, one wall above it can be easily adapted for shower accessories or towels.

5. Make built-in narrow pull-out shelves

Use the same trick which is often used in narrow kitchens. Add pull-out shelves into the uncomfortable corners of your bathroom. These shelves will let you storing there miscellaneous and help you to get rid of a bathroom clutter.

6. Fill the corners with open shelves

Any surface can be filled with tidy open shelves. They should have the same thickness, color shade and texture. In this case they will look harmonious. Adding glass shelves you can create a feeling of a spacious room.

7. Add hanging baskets and elements

Bathroom walls can be used not only for open shelves, but for hanging elements. compact baskets and containers will let you placing there a hair dryer, combs and brushes, cosmetics. The bigger hanging boxes and bags can store towels and larger stuff.

8. Use the space over the door

Use each centimeter of space in a small room. a small narrow shelf over the door will let you placing there additional towels, hygienic stuff and other things you do not use in bathroom so often.

9. Use the door surface

Forstoring additional stuff use the door surface itself. Mount there a hanger for your bath robe or attach to the door a hanger with pockets for storing small items.

10. Add racks and floor hangers

You can use floor as well. Add a floor hanger with several shelves or a narrow rack, if a bathroom space lets you doing it.

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