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The bathroom is one of most important rooms in the house and it can be big, very big, small and even very small. Let’s talk about how to place plumbing in it, and how to decorate it.

First of all, let us consider the choice of materials for finishing of surfaces in the bathroom. The first condition is the humidity-resistance of materials, not only of the floor and of the walls, but of the ceiling too. Ceilings can be suspended, suspended, and one more time suspended. Ceiling can just be painted with moisture resistant paint. For a desirable floor use ceramic tile (budget option) or stone, natural or artificial ones. The same applies are appropriate for the walls in the bathroom. One of the main focuses of the bathroom is the tub itself. It can be selected. It can be traditional, oval, round, angular and even asymmetrical. The choice depends on your taste, imagination and budget. And, of course, the style of the bathroom should not fall out from the general style of your apartment, whether it is classic, modern or hi-tech. Look at some examples.

Luxurious, theatrical version of a free standing oval bath. All as on stage, there is even a curtain. And the backdrop is the magnificent view from the window!

In the interior of this bathroom is a discernible minimalism with a Japanese accent.

And here is hi-tech in its sterile form.

There is something Mediterranean in the mosaic illuminations and oval forms of plumbing.

White and black marble finishes, make this classic interior good for severe conditions.

Oval sinks, toilet, bidet and bath are similar to marine coastal shingle and shells.

The division into zones is one of the traditional techniques used in interior design of bathrooms.

If in the previous version where transparent glass partition zoning was used, here there is a curtain made of polyester.

The bathroom can be even decorated with printed motionlessly graces…

Wood as a finishing material that also can be in the bathroom design. It is necessary to impregnate special vegetative solution only for this purpose.

Brick wall, painted white – this option is appropriate for a loft.

And here is art Deco in its American version…

One of the features of this space – complex-shaped ceiling with exposed beams.

Bathroom in the attic is a very romantic, it is for poetic people only.

The geometry of space – one of the advantages of this bathroom.

And another option is that explicit spatial geometry.

The combination of ceramic (ceramic tile) with wood – always looks successfully!

Shower in this embodiment is stressed by composite center.

Designers confidently recommend a bit of light green in the bathroom. Very refreshing! And if to use color with enlarged fragments of the sepal and petals, it will be not just spring but “Spring” by Botticelli!

Here is the predominance of chocolate tones, which is also nice.

A lot of black and white marble elements make this interior expensive and solemn…

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  1. Eddie

    August 19, 2015 at 7:27 am

    what shutters are you using here?it might be heplufl to readers to know how much of the room was custom and how much was off the shelf. also there seems to be very little info on magnifying mirrors. the best mirror i have come across was in europe in a friend’s parents’ apartmentmany years ago. the prices range widely, but with no industry standard. do you have advice on this?wonderful job on the make over!

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