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Zoning of the living room

Living Room

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Large open space of living rooms requires special structuring. You can create functional areas in different ways: with the help of furniture groups, lighting systems, floor and ceiling.

Today it has become fashionable to create a large living space and use open space. Of course, the modern systems for open space have many advantages. Its main value – a large space filled with air and light. In the spacious room it is easier to create a spectacular interior with an interesting design and decor.

Of course, the open space necessarily requires zoning. Usually a large public area includes an open kitchen and dining area in addition to living room. These functional areas visually are trying to separate zones from each other. Usually they do it by means of movable furniture, fixtures, and using floor and wall finishes and decors. The most common zoning object is furniture.

Today it is not customary to arrange the furniture (wardrobes, tables, sofas) along the perimeter of walls. With the help of a set of upholstered furniture, including sofas, armchairs and ottomans, gathered around the coffee table, the seating area in the large living room is arranged.

And usually it is turned to the wall with the TV system. But the dining area is often organized along the windows with a long table surrounded by chairs. There is always an open kitchen next to the dining room, which is often separated from the living room with a serving bar counter or a kitchen island. In addition, the border of the kitchen and the living room is often laid on the floor.

Usually in the living area wooden flooring or parquet board is chosen as flooring; more durable and waterproof coating – a ceramic tile or natural stone is often used in the kitchen area. Another designer trick is to emphasize the functional areas using a variety of lamps. So the living room is often equipped by a large chandelier, and next to sofa group there are chamber lamps – floor lamps and table lamps.

The dining area is divided with the help of beautiful lamps, hanging right above the table. In a similar way lights separate kitchen area. And, of course, do not forget about the decor. A good way of zoning the living room is to arrange furniture groups on a beautiful ornamental carpet or spotted skin.

And for fans of colored interiors you can offer to paint one of the walls of the living room in some trendy color, for example, to make it bright purple. Against this background, the upholstered furniture colored in beige tones will look very impressive!

Open space is organized with the help of furniture groups and light.

Living room is separated from dining area by a small ledge on the wall and the ceiling, in addition each area is accented by the lamps.

Spacious living room has several seating areas, which are organized with the help of upholstered furniture, ceiling lights and outdoor decor.

Large open plan of the living area stretches along the wall with lots of windows.

Large living room is connected to open kitchen and dining area, decorated in the style of modern classics and properly zoned.

Small living room is decorated in modern style and in fashionable colors.

The authors of the project organized comfortable seating areas for relaxation and work.

An open living room of a rustic house is zoned with a small brick wall. It divides the living space almost into two equal parts.

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